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We are comprised of a group of individuals who have a different view on life. Keep reading to learn more about our philosophy.

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The E-Generation Concept

We all have heard about the “me” generation, the “x” generation and the “y” generation. These labels are nothing but general, albeit perhaps catchy, terms that neither offer any real description or direction, nor do they accurately describe the people and times of the generation.

So what is the e-generation?

First we must define what the “e” stands for:
“e” itself, as defined by Webster’s Dictionary, is: 1.) The fifth letter of the English alphabet. 2.) The third tone in the musical scale. 3.) The most frequently used letter of the English language. 4.) The abbreviation for electron, east, engineer and earth.

“e”, throughout time, also has symbolized many powerful ideas, concepts and principals from ancient wisdom to modern interpretation. From the Eternal One to Everything, Everyone, Everywhere, “e” includes us all.

Why “e” best describes this generation:

At this time in history we, as Earthlings, are faced with more and greater challenges than ever before, including global warming, war, famine and overpopulation, just to name a few. Indeed, our generation has many imposing challenges in front of us. We must face the challenges directly and immediately. The e-generation represents the hope we all harbor for Earth and Everything within it.

It has been said that man is the only species on the planet that consumes his environment, rather than achieve some balance with it. We settle, devour resources, reshape the landscape, then spread out or move on once we have strained our environment to its limits. The e-generation acknowledges that this is not a viable long-term plan for survival – ours or the planets. The e-generation seeks to find harmony wherever it may exist; internally – in our thoughts, our bodies and our goals, and externally – with our relationships with each other, our physical world and our actions.

The e-generation is committed to the ongoing study of the ‘universal truths’ that history, philosophy and science provide us with over time.

There are Five Core Principles of the e-generation:

Environment   •   Education   •   Ethics   •   Exercise    •    Energy